July 14-16 & 20-23, 2006
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scenic Design by Randy York
Lighting Design by Stephen Smith
Costume Design by Esther Iverson
Sound Design by Jim Kirwin

Danny Zuko (Matthew C. Atwood) gets reacquainted with Sandy Dumbrowski (Shawn Ashley).

Sandy (Shawn Ashley) and her Pink Ladies (left to right): Marty (Mollie Fischer), Patty Simcox (Tristin Rupp), Frenchy (Carrie Soler), Jan (Jacleen Olson) and Betty Rizzo (Claire Lloyd).

The boys with Greased Lightnin' (left to right): Roger (Andrew D. Umphrey), Danny Zuko (Matthew C. Atwood), Kenickie (Christopher Arn Kind), Sonny LaTierri (Chris Kuisle) and Doody (Jared Oxborough).

Frenchy (Carrie Soler) is sung to by Teen Angel (Patrick Menning). The song? "Beauty School Dropout."

Roger (Andrew D. Umphrey) and Doody (Jared Oxborough) sing about the "Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen" to Frenchy (Carrie Soler), Jan (Jacleen Olson), Marty (Mollie Fischer), Sonny LaTierri (Chris Kuisle) and Sandy (Shawn Ashley).

The cast sings "We Go Together." They are (left to right) front row: Katie Moeller, Angelyn Eve Faust, Mollie Fischer, Claire Lloyd and Carrie Soler; second row: Jason Kruger, Britany Johnson, Micah J. L. Kronlokken, Chris Kuisle, Jason Faust and Matthew C. Atwood; third row: Christopher Arn Kind, Jacleen Olson, Tristin Rupp, Anna Bredl and Jared Oxborough; back row: Patti McGuire (partially covered), Andrew D. Umphrey, Isaac Loomer, Reid Strand, Jennie Bindner and Patrick Menning.

Production photos by Mike Lagerquist

The guys didn't let a little thing like a car that conked out stop them from participating in the North Mankato Fun Days Parade July 8. They sang, danced and pushed their way through the entire route.

Before the parade, Mollie Fischer applied a final bit of lipstick. It looks as though it worked since she caught the attention of these boys. Or maybe it had something to do with the candy she was giving out.

Parade photos by Paul Hustoles.