Feb. 21-24 & 28-March 2, 2008
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scene Design by Allen Wright Shannon
Costume Design by David McCarl
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Sound Design by Ben Inniger
Fight choreography by Richard Raether

King Claudius (Shane Solomon, right) seeks counsel from
Polonius (David C. Jenkins).

In his attempts to reveal the secrets surrounding his father's death, Hamlet (Joey Ford, center)
enlists the help of the players (left to right): Reid Strand, RaeAnne Carlson and Ben Olthafer.

Sadly, the fair Ophelia (Claire Wellin, kneeling) has taken a sharp turn toward
insanity, as witnessed by Gertrude and Claudius (Claire Lloyd and Shane Solomon).

Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio (Micah J. L. Kronlokken, left).

Hamlet duels with Laertes (Andrew D. Umphrey) while the cour looks on. They are (left to right):
Osric (Joe Crook), Marcellus (Cody Gerrells), Claudius (Shane Solomon), Gertrude (Claire Lloyd),
Gentlewomen (Jessica Dougherty, JoNae Villeneuve and RaeAnne Carlson), and Voltemand (Joel Partyka).

Hamlet does in his father's murderer.

The court mourns the death of Hamlet ...

... and receives Fortinbras (Mathias Becker) and the Norwegian Captain (Jared Oxborough).

Photos by Paul J. Hustoles and Mike Lagerquist

In celebration of the life of Donabel C. Linney
Donabel was a professor of English at Minnesota State Mankato from 1965 until her retirement in 1984. She passed away July 1, 2007. Our greatest hope is to present Shakespeare's play with the same zeal and attention to detail with which she would have taught it in her classes.

Learn more about our production
from director Paul J. Hustoles

Briefly, what is Hamlet about?

People seem to either love or hate Shakespeare, so why do Hamlet?

What are some of the challenges associated with staging this production?

How do you confront those challenges to make it "Shakespeare done well"?

Talk about some of the actors and the characters they play.

What is the setting for this production of the play?

Tell us about the guest artist, fight master Richard Raether. (See photos)


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