May 30-June 4, 2006
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scenic & Sound Design by George Grubb
Lighting Design by Stephen Smith
Costume Design by Esther Iverson

Hal Carter (David Hauer) gets to know Millie Owens (Claire E. Wellin) while, in the background, Howard Bevans (Christopher Arn Kind) speaks with his girl, Rosemary Snyder (Krystyn Y. Spratt).

Hal (David Hauer) rough-houses with Millie (Claire E. Wellin) while his buddy Alan Seymour (Chris Kuisle, left) urges them to stop. Looking on are (left to right): Helen Potts (Patti McGuire), Christine Schoenwalder (Anna Bredl), Madge Owens (Angelyn Eve Faust), Flo Owens (Amy Jo Krueger), Irma Kronkite (Jacleen Olson) and Rosemary Snyder (Krystyn Y. Spratt).

Hal gets his back up a bit when he finds Madge talking with Bomber (Aaron Doyle).

Millie, who is still finding her way in the world, gets feisty, much to the chagrin of Helen Potts and Millie's mother, Flo.

Hal's feelings for Madge come to the forefront when he wrestles with and takes down her boyfriend, Alan.

Their friends send of Rosemary and Howard. Little do they know that Madge also has decided to follow Hal out of town.

All photos by Mike Lagerquist