The Underpants
April 22-25, 2004
Directed by Ryan P. Johnson
Scenic Design by Sasha Olchefske
Lighting Design by Tim Bergstrom

Costume Design by Hilary Winkworth

Theo and Louise Maske (Tyler Sonnek and Sopia Bera) discuss what just happened at the parade for the King.

Gertrude Deuter (Tracy Funt), who lives upstairs from the Maskes, gives Louise a drug to use to knock out her husband so Louise can have an affair.

Versati (Nathaniel Churchill), who becomes a renter at the Maske house, shows Louise the correct length for underpants.

Mr. Cohen (Perry Thrun, right) reveals that, in fact, he is Cohen with a "C," much to the surprise and disgust of Leo Maske (Tyler Sonnek, center) and Klinglehoff (Michael Fillbrandt).

Klinglehoff (Michael Fillbrandt) expresses his delight with the arrangements.

The final boarder for the Maskes is The King (Mike McNamee).


All photos by Mike Lagerquist