Wait Until Dark
Oct. 13-23, 2011
Directed by Heather E. Hamilton
Scene Design by Noah J. Files
Costume Design by David McCarl
Lighting Design by Jordan W. Green
Sound Design by George E. Grubb

Wait Until Dark
Susy and Sam Hendrix (Charisse Danker and Marshall Sonsteby)
are a young couple enjoying their lives.

Wait Until Dark
Until a man who says he's a cop and calls himself Mike Talman (Anthony DePoto, left)
enters it with Sgt. Carlino (Steven Lange) in search of a drug-filled doll.

Wait Until Dark
Along with a man named Harry Roat (Robb Krueger), who appears
both as Roat Sr. and Roat Jr.

Wait Until Dark
Suspicious, Susy gets help from the girl upstairs,
Gloria (Emily Engels).

Wait Until Dark
And their fears prove true.

Wait Until Dark
Leading to a horrible confrontation, from which Susy emerges safe.


Photos by Mike Lagerquist