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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Funerals & Memorial Services

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State Vehicle Use - Funerals and Memorial Services

These “procedures” are to be followed to better ensure that full insurance coverage is provided under “University Business” should there be an accident when a state vehicle is used to transport those attending off-campus memorial and/or funeral services:

  • State vehicle use is approved as “University Business” for those designated by the President’s Office or Division Vice President’s Office. Approved delegation members may be Minnesota State University, Mankato students, administrators, faculty, staff members, and/or Minnesota State employees and/or Trustees. Such “University Business” written authorization should be sent to Facilities Services by the President’s Office or Division Vice President’s Office shall indicate that these individuals are the official representatives of the University community or administrative division. Designated employee(s) attending the function would be on full pay status in such an instance. 
  • University vehicles shall not to be used for related events by employees who have been approved for unpaid leave to attend funerals, visitations, or memorials. Nor will state vehicles be released for personal use by students or employees to attend private services.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicles will be offered for use to other students or employees who wish to attend such events. If appropriate club or team accounts exist, these would be used to pay for any charges from the University’s contract vendor Enterprise Rent-A-Car. In such instances any employee involved needs to ensure that their pay status is consistent with employee contract and/or University and state personnel requirements related to an employee attending such a function. (Enterprise Rent-A-Car requires that any student driving it’s vehicles be a student employee of a department within the University.)