Shrink Wrap/Film Recycling Project

April 14, 2021 |


  • Minnesota State Mankato Environmental Committee
  • Mankato Zero Waste
  • Trex

Project Description

Mankato Zero Waste, a local grassroots organization focused on reducing waste in all forms, has invited Minnesota State Mankato’s Environmental Committee/University to participate in a plastic shrink wrap/film recycling pilot project starting April 1, 2021 and running through September 2021.

How would Minnesota State Mankato participate?

Currently plastic film and shrink wrap that arrives to campus on incoming packaging is not collected for recycling. These materials would be collected for recycling at designated campus locations in special bins provided by Mankato Zero Waste and Trex. Once collected, the material will be weighed (estimated) and delivered to Cub Foods East or West in Mankato. Cub Foods delivers the materials to a company called Trex who then uses this material to manufacture composite decking material. For more information on their recycling process visit:

How will Mankato Zero Waste assist Minnesota State Mankato?

Mankato Zero Waste will provide the following:

  • Collection bins
  • Educational posters and signage
  • Bags to line collection bins (if needed)
  • Transportation of collected materials to Cub Foods East or West collection site (if needed)

Will there be a cost to Minnesota State Mankato to participate?

There will be no required financial investment from the University


Contact Anne Ludvik (507-389-1545)