Office Directory

Sandra Bunde

Admissions Scholarship Director | Asst. to the Director of Scholarships

Address: 122 Taylor Center
Office: TC 122
Phone: 507-389-6416

Karen Burger

University Extended Campus | Budget Officer: Online and Distance Programs

Address: 101 Hubbard Building
Office: HU 101
Phone: 507-389-1492

Brooke Burk

Center Excellence in Teaching and Learn | Faculty

Address: 88 Memorial Library
Office: ML 88
Phone: 507-389-3233

John Burke

Computer Information Science | Assistant Professor|Faculty

Address: 273 Wissink Hall
Office: WH 273
Phone: 507-389-5418

Pamela Burke

Elizabeth and Wynn Kearney Intl Center | Document Processor

Address: 250 Centennial Student Union
Office: SU 250
Phone: 507-389-1281

Heidi Burns

University Advising Center | Academic Advisor|Adjunct

Address: 125 Taylor Center
Office: TC 125
Phone: 507-389-1521

Matthew Burns

Residential Life | Safety and Services Specialist

Address: 0001C Carkoski Commons
Office: JS 180
Phone: 507-389-1090

Nicholas Burns

Intercollegiate Athletics | Asst Athletic Communications Dir

Address: 135 Myers Field House
Office: TC 175
Phone: 507-389-5780

Peg Burr

Computer Information Science | Instructor

Address: 273 Wissink Hall
Office: WH 273
Phone: 507-389-2744

Sue Burum

Economics Ethnic Studies and Government | Faculty

Address: 109 Morris Hall
Office: MH 222C
Phone: 507-389-6941

Shirin Butler

GMW Day Foreman 1 | GMW

Address: 111 Carkoski Commons
Office: CC 111
Phone: 507-389-6110

Molly Byron

Small Business Development Center | SBDC Program Manager

Address: 208 Hubbard Building
Office: HU 208
Phone: 507-389-5381

Monte Byron

Physics and Astronomy | Physics Laboratory Service Specialist

Address: 160 Trafton Science Center North
Office: TN 141
Phone: 507-389-5743

Nicholas Cachiaras

Creative Production | Graphic Designer

Address: 309 Wiecking Center
Office: WC 309
Phone: 507-389-1181

Shaobiao Cai

Mechanical and Civil Engineering | Faculty

Address: 205 Trafton Science Center East
Office: TE 323
Phone: 507-389-1918

Paulina Camacho

Elizabeth and Wynn Kearney Intl Center | Assistant Director of Retention|Adjunct

Address: 250 Centennial Student Union
Office: SU 250
Phone: 507-389-1281

Heather Camp

English | Faculty

Address: 230 Armstrong Hall
Office: AH 207F
Phone: 507-389-5512

Samantha Campa

College of Business | Talent Programs Specialist

Address: 151 Morris Hall
Office: MH 151
Phone: 507-389-5414

Kristie Campana

Psychology | Faculty

Address: 103 Armstrong Hall
Office: WC 332F
Phone: 507-389-5851

Dat Cao

Mathematics and Statistics | Assistant Professor

Address: 226 Wissink Hall
Office: WH 226
Phone: 507-389-6500

Laura Cardwell

Dental Education | Administrative Assistant

Address: 120 Clinical Sciences Building
Office: CSB 120
Phone: 507-389-1313

Brian Carlson

Computer Information Science | Adjunct

Address: 273 Wissink Hall
Office: WH 273
Phone: 507-389-1453

Ross Carlson

Building Maintenance | Dining Hall Machinery Repair Worker

Address: 118 Wiecking Center
Office: DC
Phone: 507-389-5694

Gabrielle Caron

Educational Leadership | Administrative Assistant

Address: AH117 Armstrong Hall
Office: FR
Phone: 507-389-8874

Matthew Caron

Performing Arts | Faculty

Address: 201 Jane Earley Center for Performing Arts
Office: PA 201
Phone: 507-389-2118