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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Articulation Agreements

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Articulation agreements explain how credits for a degree from one school can be applied toward a degree at another school, and how degrees or parts of degree programs from different schools relate to each other.

They ensure that degree programs, especially within the Minnesota State system, are closely aligned, and they help students transfer.

Current Articulation Agreements
To view current articulation agreements visit the MnTransfer site at the link below.  To view all MSU, Mankato Agreements leave the Sending Institution Line Blank and select Minnesota State University, Mankato as the Receiving Institution.  This will pull up the list of all current articulation agreements. There is also an option for searching all expired agreements.


At the heart of every agreement, there is a comparison of degree requirements and the establishment of equivalencies. At Minnesota State Mankato, credit equivalencies are established by departments and approved by department chairs. In the case of non-equivalency, departments also have the option to accept courses from another degree as a substitution for some of their own, or they can choose to waive some degree requirements.

To establish a new degree or renew an existing one, please use the approved Minnesota State forms. You can find these forms, along with other resources, under “Useful Links”.

If you would like to know where your agreement is at in the creation and approval process, please go to the “Current Agreements” page.

If you have questions, please contact Academic Affairs by phone at 507-389-1333.

To ensure that our agreements are meeting all requirements before we send them out for approval and signatures, please follow the process below.