Environmental Studies Minor

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ENVR 450 has a prerequisite of 2 semesters of chemistry. ENVR 440; 460 and 470 have no prerequisites. The * should be on ENVR 450 not ENVR 470.

This is a lecture course introducing students to major federal environmental laws and regulations. Discussions include the cause(s) that prompted the enactment of various environmental legislation as well as intent and implementation of the legislation. Both Federal and State of MN environmental statutes will be discussed.

Prerequisites: none

This is a lecture course that introduces students to sources and controls for pollutants in air, water, and soils including hazardous waste. Chemical and biological mechanisms that are important in nature and used to control/treat various types of pollutants are emphasized. Strongly recommended that this course be taken immediately after completing 1 year of Chemistry.

Prerequisites: 1 year CHEM 

The purpose of this lecture/lab class is to introduce students to standard practices and procedures used in sampling and analysis of environmental matrices and to develop an environmental research project. Standard quality control/quality assurance procedures per EPA are emphasized.

Prerequisites: none

Introduces students to National Environmental Policy Act and requirements for Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Assessment Worksheets. Phase I Environmental Assessment of land and buildings, an international perspective on environmental assessments, and economic and social impact assessment are discusseed.

Prerequisites: ENVR 440


Select one of the following : CHEM 106 and CHEM 111 (8 credits) OR Chem 201 and CHEM 202 (10)