Biology Education (MS)


  • Thesis Plan - 30 credits
  • Alternate Plan Paper - 34 credits

This degree does not lead to initial teaching licensure. Students who desire initial licensure should consult the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. Please see the section concerning the MAT program that is listed in this bulletin.

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Master of Science

Total Credits




Program Requirements

Common Core

This course will focus on the application of biometric principles to the planning and analysis of biological research similar to the student's thesis research. Completion of this course will aid the student in planning and completing her/his thesis.

Prerequisites: none

Students will attend and critique seminars presented by other students, faculty, and by people from external agencies and institutions.

Prerequisites: none

Research/Methods Course(s)

The design, planning, and writing of a research proposal will be discussed in terms of problem selection, objectives, and appropriate methods. The students will apply information from the class to prepare their thesis proposals.

Prerequisites: none

Restricted Electives

Biology Electives - Choose 4 Credits

What does it mean to do biological research ethically? This course will discuss scientific integrity and misconduct, human and animal research, conflicts of interest and the ethical dimension of other topics in modern biological and biomedical research.

Prerequisites: none

How does contemporary dogma influence the development of hypotheses and theory? Using primary literature, this course explores paradigms including equilibria in community ecology, information flow in molecular biology, the naturalist and mechanistic schools, and levels of natural selection. (alt-Spring)

Prerequisites: none

Select study of graduate level topics. May be repeated for different titled topic.

Prerequisites: none

A variety of special topics within environmental science. Content of each special topics course will be different. May be retaken for credit under different topics.

Prerequisites: none

Unrestricted Electives

Professional Education

Professional Education - Choose 6 Credit(s). Choose 6 credits of professional education courses in consultation with an advisor.

Related Science

Related Science - Choose 6 Credit(s). Choose 6 credits of related science courses in consultation with an advisor.


Biology - Choose 3 - 10 Credit(s). Choose 3-10 credits. Choose any 500-598 course in consultation with an advisor.

Prerequisites: none

Capstone Course

Choose 1 - 6 Credit(s). APP requires 1-2 credits; Thesis requires 3-6 credits.


Prerequisites: none