Business Leadership (GC)


The certificate focuses on both understanding and practicing the skills critical to effective performance as a leader in any organization, as well as opportunities for learning interaction with successful leaders. These skills include employing effective communication strategies; applying techniques that effectively manage group and individual dynamics; practicing and promoting innovation; and developing successful negotiation tactics to meet the organizations’ goals. 

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Program Requirements

Common Core

The course will cover a range of topics, including the strategic management of human resources, job analysis, hiring, performance appraisal, training and development, compensation, as well as labor relations.

Prerequisites: none

This course will focus on an area of study that attempts to explain, predict, control, and increase understanding of human work behavior in organizations both in the U.S. and internationally. Using a variety of techniques, students will learn about the nature of people as well as how individual and group behavior is influenced by organizational factors. The intent is to use various theories and principles to help diagnose and solve organizational problems. The goal is to more effectively manage in today's environment so employees are engaging in ethical, creative, and productive behaviors on the job. Learning tools include some lecture/discussion active learning groups, original readings, exercises, projects, cases, library research and presentations.

Prerequisites: none

This class is designed to enhance negotiating skill. Students will learn techniques for generating beneficial outcomes from bargaining situations with regard to contracts, purchasing, and dispute resolution. A number of different bargaining models will be introduced and students will engage in simulated negotiations.

Prerequisites: none

This course is designed to combine the why of leadership thinking with the how of leadership skill development. The class is both philosophical and practical, so you will have to both think and apply what you are learning. The course will provide students with opportunities to use theories to analyze leader behaviors, and with personal awareness and development. You will come out of the class with a Leadership Development Plan of your own to help you apply the class to your own development as a leader and manager.

Prerequisites: none

The Executive Seminar provides the opportunity for students to interact directly with visiting executives in order to gain insight into the challenges in leading a modern complex business organization. Personal communication skills, reflective learning, critical thinking assignments, and career planning exercises help shape executive development.

Prerequisites: none