Engineering (MS)


The engineering programs offer a Master of Science in Engineering (MS) degree with specializations in either Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. The MSE for Mechanical Engineering carries forward the philosophy of our undergraduate program and is devoted to producing application-oriented mechanical engineers. Our program is built to provide students with experiences and opportunities for growth.

The Mechanical Engineering program is designed to serve the following constituencies:

  • New engineering graduates who want to increase their depth of knowledge before entry into the engineering workforce.
  • Engineers in business and industry who want to continue their formal engineering education at the postgraduate level.
  • Engineering graduates interested in research or pursuing a future doctorate.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical Engineering and who also plan on completing the MSE degree at MSU may apply for the Combined Degree Program. This option allows students to take classes that will count toward their MSE prior to completing the BS. Students may register for up to 12 credits in approved courses that will count toward both the BS and MS degrees. 

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Master of Science

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Program Requirements

Common Core

Application of EE computer modeling and simulation tools. Design of experiments, Taguchi methods, automated data acquisition, and analysis methods.

Prerequisites: none

Restricted Electives

Choose 26 - 33 Credit(s).

Prerequisites: none

Prerequisites: none

Prerequisites: none

Prerequisites: none

Prerequisites: none

Prerequisites: none

Prerequisites: none