Gender and Women's Studies (MA)


Thesis Plan - 30 credits
Alternate Plan Paper - 34 credits

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Master of Arts

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Program Requirements

Common Core

We explore the key philosophical and methodological issues in feminist pedagogy with an emphasis on application of the material learned. In addition to readings, discussions, and lectures, students develop a teaching philosophy, design a course, write a syllabus, prepare a lesson plan, teach a session, design evaluations, and develop a curriculum vitae.

Prerequisites: none

Emphasis is on analytical skills and group dynamics as well as subject content including collective action strategies.

Prerequisites: none

This seminar serves as a critique/work group for class members' thesis and publication goals. We examine the formation of critical consciousness.

Prerequisites: none

This course will address critical issues facing women in developing countries in the context of an increasingly globalized order. The purpose of the course is to familiarize students with global issues/global feminist theory.

Prerequisites: none

This course examines the development of theories and strategies used by various groups of women to create social change. Special focus on the major theories and issues of first, second, and third wave faminism.

Prerequisites: none

Research/Methods Course(s)

We explore theoretical and epistemological issues in feminist research, as well as developing the practical nuts and bolts skills needed to conduct our own research. Research skill workshops include Internet and WEB resources in research and constructing a research design. Class members organize and participate in a research conference.

Prerequisites: none

Restricted Electives

Choose 3 Credit(s). Consult with your advisor.

Unrestricted Electives

Choose 3 Credit(s). Any 500/600-level course in consultation with your advisor.

Choose 1 - 9 Credit(s).

Concentrated study and research in areas of student's special interests/ expertise under supervision of a faculty member.

Prerequisites: none

Students assist or co-teach an undergraduate Women's Studies course under the supervision of a faculty member.

Prerequisites: none

Placement in a community or university-based internship provides the student with experience and practical skills in a particular field of work or service and/or provides an opportunity to pursue a specific research interest.

Prerequisites: none

Capstone Course

Select either thesis or alternate plan paper (APP)

Preparation of an alternate plan paper under supervision of the student's graduate advisor.

Prerequisites: none

Preparation of a thesis under supervision of the student's graduate advisory committee.

Prerequisites: none