Project Management (GC)

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Common Core

Planning and control of plant resources in globally competitive manufacturing environments. Approaches to manufacturing problems related to design integration, production scheduling, staffing, plant layout, material flow, and inventory issues are examined.

Prerequisites: none

A study of the optimal relationship between value and function of products and the cost and availability of resources. Topics include valuation, appraisal and capital budgeting, cost minimization, depreciation and economics worth, rates and rate bases, original and reproduction costs, and engineering economics.

Prerequisites: none

Fundamentals of logistics: control of materials, material handling, WIP, finished goods, costs of logistics. Theory and step-by-step procedures are used to analyze logistic systems, packaging and transportation, including global logistics.

Prerequisites: none

Advanced Project Management presents in-depth topics in the management process of prioritizing, planning, staffing, managing, and directing projects. Both people skills and advanced management tools will be addressed, along with advanced project evaluation techniques.

Prerequisites: none