Automotive Engineering Technology Minor

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An overview of careers, technology and requirements of the Automotive Engineering Technology program. Careers in engineering technology are examined along with professional organizations and ethics.

Prerequisites: none

This course is centered on the theory, operation and service of the systems found in modern automobiles. Lectures and demonstrations cover the course topics and open lab sessions allow students to practice procedures on their own vehicles in the completion of course assignments.

Prerequisites: none

This course focuses on the engine's mechanical, ignition, fuel, and emission system using a systems approach to diagnose problems. Test equipment used in the course includes: fuel and fuel system; emission system; ignition oscilloscopes; valve refurbishing and mechanical diagnostic equipment.

Prerequisites: none

This course is centered on the theory, components, and diagnostic procedures related to modern automobile electrical and electronic systems. The major emphasis of the course involves the computer, sensors, and actuators as used in vehicles to control the ignition, fuel, emission, ABS, and chassis systems.

Prerequisites: AET 160, AET 261, EET 113


Choose 3 additional credits of AET/MET courses