Mass Communication (BS) Public Relations


The public relations emphasis allows mass communication students to specialize in that field. It prepares students to function in a wide range of public and private sector positions requiring the skills of persuasive communication in diverse settings. It includes instruction in communications, public relations, and media theory; principles and techniques of persuasion; message/image design; strategy; professional writing; public speaking and multi-media presentation skills; digital communications; and applied research.
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Bachelor of Science

Major Credits


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Program Requirements

Required General Education

Nature, functions, responsibilities and effects of the media in contemporary society.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-09

Diverse Cultures: Purple

Prerequisites to the Major

Students in this course approach writing as a subject of study by investigating how writing works across a variety of contexts.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-1A

Major Common Core

* MASS 498 must be taken for four credits.

Basic techniques of gathering information and writing readable and accurate media stories.

Prerequisites: ENG 101, MASS 110

Principles of the First Amendment, libel, fair trial, privacy, access to news, pornography and regulation of radio and television.

Prerequisites: none

Creation of photo, audio, video, and written content for multi-platform distribution. Includes critical consideration and application of content creation tools, social media management tools, and legal and ethical issues.

Prerequisites: MASS 221W

Study, analysis and criticism of the mass media, their ethics and performance.

Prerequisites: none


Prerequisites: MASS 221W, MASS 312, and MASS 411, plus two additional 300/400 level MASS courses, one of which must be MASS 325, MASS 330, MASS 334, MASS 431, MASS 434 or MASS 436

Major Emphasis

Emphasis Common Core

Survey of current practices and problems in the field of public relations. Emphasizes successful case histories and planning techniques.

Prerequisites: none

This course introduces students to the concepts, approaches and tools for gathering and analyzing information in mass media research. Students will become acquainted with and effectively use the terminology and concepts used in mass media research.

Prerequisites: none

Practical skill in the development of public relations writing including news releases, brochures, public service announcements, pitch letters, annual reports.

Prerequisites: MASS 233 

Emphasis Restricted Electives

PR Electives - Choose 8 Credit(s). * MASS 495 must be taken in a public relations topic.

This class uses a critical and cultural approach to explore the intersections of gender, race, and media across multiple media platforms, including film, television, news, social media, and other emerging media.

Prerequisites: none

Practicum in typography, design, layout and production processes, including job budgeting and estimating, for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, brochures, posters, annual reports, direct mail and related print materials used public relations and journalism. Emphasis on graphic design software.

Prerequisites: none

The course provides explanations and analysis of the historical evolution of American mass communication from the colonial period of the 1600s to the present. Students will study media history within the broader contexts of American social and cultural history. Developing a deeper understanding of how mass media evolved will lead to a deeper and more effective comprehension of the roles and effects of mass communication in today's society.

Prerequisites: none

This course provides a framework for students to learn about professional media practice off-campus. Students will travel off-site to explore, find, and report original stories across multiple media platforms.

Prerequisites: none

Exploration of historic and contemporary examples of strategic public relations successes and failures. Analysis of public relations practices related to these cases, including planning, communication, evaluation exercises and management responsibilities.

Prerequisites: none

This course focuses on the theory and criticism of mass communication in global contexts. It trains students to analyze and evaluate global media in cultural contexts toward becoming media literate consumers and producers. Course is taught in English.

Prerequisites: none

Hands-on development, implementation, analysis, and evaluation of a digital advocacy campaign. Special focus on brandraising, network analysis, and social media analytics toward creating messages and determining campaign effectiveness.

Prerequisites: MASS 221W

Discussion and hands-on experience involving mass media activities. Topic varies.

Prerequisites: MASS 221W


Required Minor: Yes. Any.