Internet of Things (CERT)

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Major Common Core

The features, data rate, frequency range, and operation of several wireless networking protocols such as Wi-Fi, Low Energy Bluetooth, Near Field Communication, Radio frequency Identifier (RFID), Threads, and ZigBee that can be used to implement Internet of Things (IoT) are introduced. The electrical, functional, and procedural specifications of Wi-Fi are then examined in detail. The programming and data transfer using the hardware Wi-Fi kit are carried out to demonstrate the versatility of this protocol.

Prerequisites: none

A study of microcomputer hardware and software fundamentals, the instruction set and the addressing modes of a microprocessor/microcontroller, assembly programming, basic I/O concepts, parallel I/O methods, asynchronous serial I/O methods, synchronous serial I/O methods, A/D conversion, timer applications, and introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact to society. Spring

Prerequisites: EET 113

A study of a high performance microprocessor architecture. Applications of a microprocessor for monitoring and controlling systems will be studied. Optimal utilization of a microprocessors resources will be stressed. PC programming in assembly and a high level language.

Prerequisites: none

An introduction to the basic foundations of computer networking. The course will encompass telecommunications, local area networks, wide area networks and wireless communication. Topics covered include OSI model, the TCP/IP MODEL, different network topologies and associated hardware, error detection and correction, protocols, and security.

Prerequisites: MATH 180, EET 384

Design and prototyping of embedded systems including both hardware and software components. A variety of hardware, software, sensors and displays will be used depending on the embedded system requirements. Issues related to hardware and software specifications will be studied as well as appropriate documentation standards.

Prerequisites: MATH 180, EET 384