International Technology Minor


This minor is designed to allow the student to gain technology project experience in a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary environment. The student will participate in the process of conceiving, designing and implementing technological solutions/ products in this environment.

Catalog Year




Total Credits




Program Requirements


Study abroad to earn at least 12 credits. For international students, this must be in a country whose culture differs significantly from the student’s home country. The international program of study must be approved by both the student’s advisor and by the chair of the Computer Information Science Department. The 12 credits can be taken as CIS 390 or as other courses as determined and approved by the student, advisor, and CIS chair.

Restricted Electives

Major Options

For Majors in CIS Department - Choose 8 Credit(s). When this minor accompanies a major from the Computer Information Science Department, choose 8 credits of 300- and 400-level CIS courses. These courses must not be included among those used to complete the requirements for the major.

Prerequisites: none

For Majors from another department - Choose 8 Credit(s). When this minor accompanies a major from another department, choose 8 credits of CIS courses numbered 200 and above.

Prerequisites: none