Entrepreneurship and Innovation (minor)

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The Entrepreneurial studies minor is designed to expose, engage, and support students in thinking and experiencing the processes, challenges, and opportunities associated with the interdisciplinary and team-based nature of beginning a new venture.  


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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor
  • Mankato

Policies & Faculty


Students who are business minors, non-business majors or those who are not seeking a four-year degree may take up to 24 credits in the College of Business. However, prerequisites are enforced. Minors in the College of Business include Business Administration, Business Law, Accounting, Financial Planning, International Business, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

GPA Policy. Students must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (“C”) on the total courses taken in the College of Business.

Residency. Transfer students pursuing a minor in the College of Business must complete at least 50% (one-half) of their minor coursework at Minnesota State Mankato.

Assessment Policy. The College of Business believes that the ongoing assessment of its programs makes a vital contribution to the quality of those programs and to student learning. Student participation is an important and expected part of the assessment process. 

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150 Morris Hall

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  • Kathleen Dale, Ph.D.