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Global experiences are difficult to fit into a traditional engineering program because of credit expectations and sequential course offerings. This minor in the context of engineering experiences and with a focus on cultural learning will create a pathway for students to develop cultural and language skills desired by our regional employers. Through the resulting minor, graduates will be produced with an expanded set of skills to address global problem solving in engineering and technology. 


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Global Solutions in Engineering and Technology Minor
  • Mankato

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This minor includes several components. First, 16 credits of coursework from a wide range of courses offered through many programs on campus will be required in order for the student to gain a better understanding of global issues and practices. Two courses must be taken from a short list (Tier 1) of potential classes from either of the following two groups; “Culture and Communication” and “Trade and Technology.” In addition to these Tier 1 courses, several additional courses must be taken from Tier 2 options in the following groups; “Culture and Communication”, “Language”, and “Trade and Technology.” Students must take between 4 and 8 credits from the “Language” group, with the remaining credits to be taken in any combination from the remaining groups.

In addition to the course requirements given above, the students will participate in an international experience of an approved type (i.e., study abroad, international internship/coop, Engineers Without Borders projects, etc.) The students will work with program leadership in ascertaining whether the proposed experience meets the expectations of the minor.

Lastly, in preparation for and upon completion of this international experience, the student will participate twice (2 at 1 credit) in the “Global Experience in Engineering and Technology” course developed in conjunction with the minor. This seminar course will include material to prepare the students for the international experience, development of goals/objectives for the international experience, an opportunity for returning students to mentor students preparing for a similar experience, etc.

Admission Standards Admission to this minor and the associated engineering and engineering technology courses will require admission to the Engineering or Engineering Technology program in which the student is pursuing a baccalaureate degree. 

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Advising Center: 131 Trafton Science Center N
Locations: Mankato Campus, Mesabi Range Community and Technical College, Normandale, and 7700 France