Health Informatics (CERT)


A certificate in Health Informatics prepares students to use information technology (IT) to solve problems in multidisciplinary real-life settings. Health Informatics is a bridge connecting the use of IT to a health-related field of study. Students selecting the Health Informatics certificate will have the opportunity to develop skills that will allow them to use information technology, information systems, and health-related data to impact patient satisfaction, quality improvement of care, and healthcare decision making. 

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Program Requirements

Major Common Core

This course uses health humanities storytelling to prepare students with a sincere concern for human values within the capture, management, and evaluation of health information. Students will explore the synergy between health related data, healthcare informatics, and outcome measures. Students will gain fundamental information technology skills to understand and critique data, identify relationships between visual arts and written works regarding health, and explore cultural aspects of healthcare experiences and risk adjustment of quality outcome measures.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-06, GE-07

Diverse Cultures: Purple

Introduction to database systems, entity relationship models, relational algebra, database design, data modeling, normalization, and conversion of business rules into relational model. Introduction to basic SQL including subqueries, joins, functions, sequences, triggers, views, and stored procedures.

Prerequisites: CIS 121 or an approved substitute.

This course introduces students to a variety of existing and emerging technologies used within healthcare environments. Emphasis will be on software used to capture clinical data and generate reports. Students will complete a team oriented project incorporating business requirements, project management, and design elements for a system implementation, system change, or reporting request.

Prerequisites: CIS 113, CIS 340

Focuses on core concepts of the nursing profession. Students will learn about caring, role of courage in nursing, cooperation and collaboration in groups and caring for self and others in the larger community. APA style in formal writing is required.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-11

Provides an introduction to the profession of nursing and explores relationship-based care in nursing practice. Provides an overview of concepts related to establishing caring and healing environments, developing therapeutic and professional relationships, and promoting patient and family-centered care.

Prerequisites: none

Focus on identification, implementation, and evaluation of patient/family quality and safety measures. Includes quality movement history and evolution, current quality of care issues, research and innovations, intervention strategies, and instruments; with an analysis of health care quality management system models.

Prerequisites: none

Individual study according to outcomes developed by faculty and student(s).

Prerequisites: none

Major Restricted Electives

Choose 4 Credit(s).

This course emphasizes understanding the conceptual basis of common statistical procedures and applying those procedures to the problems of organizing information and making inferences from data. Topics include: summarizing data, the logic of inference, estimation, analysis of variance, and correlation.

Prerequisites: Complete one course: MATH 112, MATH 113, MATH 115, MATH 121, MATH 130, or STAT 154

An introduction to statistical concepts and methods that is applicable to all disciplines. Topics include descriptive measures of data, probability and probability distributions, statistical inference, tests of hypotheses, confidence intervals, correlation, linear regression, and analysis of variance. The use of statistical software will be emphasized. Prereq: ACT Math sub-score of 19 or higher, successful completion of MATH 098 or appropriate placement scores (see Placement Information under Statistics) Fall, Spring, Summer GE-4

Prerequisites: Satisfy Placement Table in this section, or MATH 098 with grade of P. 

Goal Areas: GE-02, GE-04