Middle Eastern Studies (minor)

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This minor is interdisciplinary in nature and therefore allows students from a variety of academic backgrounds to focus on studying the Middle East and the Islamic World. The minor is housed in the History department and is anchored by a core set of classes. These classes, as well as the electives needed to complete the minor, will provide a broad yet focused insight into the subject matter. This line of study, beyond the general value of perspective and providing depth to those studying in the fields from which the coursework for the minor is drawn, will be particularly useful to anyone working with Muslim populations locally, nationally and internationally, such as teachers, law enforcement, health care specialists and social workers. The goal of bringing together multiple disciplines and faculty will give students a deep understanding of one of the most misunderstood populations and regions in the world. Furthermore, the minor will foster community among a variety of student groups from a diverse cross-section of disciplines, as well as ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds by generating space inside and outside of the classroom for learning. 


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Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic World Minor
  • Mankato

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No more than one-fourth of credits may be taken P/N.

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110B Armstrong Hall

Office (507) 389-1618


  • Jameel Haque, PhD
Program Coordinator
  • Alisa Eimen, PhD
Program Coordinator
  • Danielle Haque, PhD