RN Baccalaureate Completion (BS)

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Major Common Core

Introduction to fundamental theories, concepts, evidence, and competencies pertaining to scientific inquiry, development of nursing knowledge, evidence-based and informed practice, and research utilization in nursing practice. Pre-req: RN Licensure

Prerequisites: RN Licensure Admission to the RN Baccalaureate.

This course involves examination of family literature and family research that explores concepts of family as client, family health experience, nurse ¿ family relationships, and nursing actions that impact the health of families and society. Nursing strategies to enhance family-focused care during acute, chronic and critical illnesses are analyzed. Prerequisites: RN LicensureAdmission to the RN Baccalaureate Completion Program

Prerequisites: none

This course explores the nurse¿s role in interacting with and providing care to individuals and families of diverse religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds across the lifespan. Learners perform a holistic health assessment and examine cultural diversity, spirituality and the integration of complementary and alternative therapies to provide holistic care.

Prerequisites: RN Licensure Admission to the RN Baccalaureate.

Diverse Cultures: Gold

Communication is an essential skill for professional RNs. This course will cover professional communication strategies, including patient and family interactions, dealing with mental-health issues, effective inter-professional communication, and issues unique utilizing technology and information systems.

Prerequisites: none

This course will evaluate and enhance the role of the nurse in the promotion and the use of national standards, guidelines, technology, and informatics to create a culture of quality and safety, prevent and reduce medical errors, and support health care value.

Prerequisites: NURS 320

This course involves synthesis of nursing and public health theories and practice within the community. Nursing care of individuals, families, and groups is addressed within context of promoting, maintaining, and restoring health. This course focuses on health promotion, disease prevention and health education using the science of epidemiology, health policy, community assessment, disaster response, and population focused interventions to promote social justice and reduce health disparities.

Prerequisites: NURS 320, NURS 382: RN Licensure Admission to the RN Baccalaureate Completion Program.

In this capstone course, learners synthesize the underpinnings of Baccalaureate nursing education and leadership principles to culminate in an evidence-based capstone project designed to enhance or improve health outcomes and incorporate the professional leadership roles. Learners will synthesize program outcomes and be evaluated on achievement of these outcomes as demonstrated through the capstone project and reflection journal. Learners explore leadership and management principles and concepts necessary for the professional nurse to function effectively in a changing health care system incorporating collaborative strategies, technology, financial issues, and the complexity of care.

Prerequisites: RN Licensure; NURS 320, NURS 362, NURS 382