Sociology (BS)

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Bachelor of Science

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Program Requirements

Required General Education

Choose 3 Credit(s).

Overview of the nature and characteristics of human societies; the structure and processes of social life; impact of social forces on individuals and groups; interdependence of society and the individual; emphasis on cultural diversity and globalism.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-05, GE-08

Diverse Cultures: Purple

A critical description and analysis of selected social problems, with an emphasis on the sociological perspective, critical thinking, roots of group inequality, and exploration of solutions and alternatives to existing social problems.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-05, GE-07

Diverse Cultures: Purple

Major Common Core

Elements of the sociological perspective; overview of theoretical and methodological orientations; sociological practice and application; initial development of student portfolio.

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SOC 150

Basic descriptive and inferential statistics used in the analysis of sociological data.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-04

Fundamentals of research methods focusing on the research process and research design and including hypothesis testing, basic analysis and interpretation; students will develop and practice research skills.

Prerequisites: none

The study of symbolic interaction as the basis of the mind, the self, and society.

Prerequisites: none

An overview of sociological theory that surveys the classical tradition and emphasizes contemporary theories including functionalism, conflict theory, rational choice theory, and symbolic interactionism as well as recent trends in theoretical developments.

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SOC 150 or by instructor permission.

An overview of the causes, processes and consequences of social stratification in society. Includes an overview of classical statements about stratification and focuses on social inequalities rooted in social class structures, the organization of political power, and social hierarchies based on race and gender differences in society.

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SOC 150 or by instructor approval.

Diverse Cultures: Purple

Reviews sociological competencies and their applications in a variety of professional settings. A faculty-supervised, student-designed capstone project will integrate sociological knowledge, theory and research. Students must have completed or be currently enrolled in all other required courses for the major.

Prerequisites: SOC 200, SOC 301W and SOC 458

Major Restricted Electives

Choose 3 Credit(s).

Techniques of survey research, interview, and questionnaire construction, field administration, and sampling methodology.

Prerequisites: none

Examination of ethnographic methodologies in sociology with emphasis on analytic, performance, and autoethnography. Exploration of ethics in ethnography, visual sociology, and first-hand experience in both crafting and presenting ethnographic works.Prereq: SOC 101 or SOC 101W; SOC 201 or similar social science research course with instructor permission.

Prerequisites: SOC 301W or similar science research course with instructor permission.

Participant observation, focused interviews, and qualitative analysis; students actively participate in a field research project. Prereq: SOC 301W or similiar science research course with instructor permission.

Prerequisites: SOC 301W or similar science research course with instructor permission.

Focuses on ways sociological theories, perspectives, and methods can be applied to address human concerns; how sociologists make a better world. Participants learn to use sociological methods and concepts (such as theories about social structure, social organization, and social movements) to identify, investigate, and implement solutions to problems of social organization, social process, and social change. Potential applications include issues encountered in various workplace and social situations including community agencies and organizations, government, business, health care, and other social institutions.

Prerequisites: SOC 301W or equivalent; Senior Standing. 

Major Unrestricted Electives

Choose 15 Credit(s). 12 credits must be taken at 300-499 level

Prerequisites: none