Physical Education Teacher Education (GC)


Physical Education Teacher Education is designed to enhance pedagogical knowledge and teaching skills in physical education. The content courses are project-based in line with best practices in teaching physical education. 

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This program satisfies licensure-to-practice standards for Minnesota and may satisfy standards for other states or US territories.

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Program Requirements

Common Core

Developing curriculum in physical education focusing on current theories and models, factors influencing curriculum, scope and sequence, scheduling, and assessing curricula.

Prerequisites: none

Best practices utilizing models of teaching, learning styles, and instructional strategies in physical education.

Prerequisites: none

Knowledge base in observation, observation models, techniques of coding and analyzing, developing observation skills, challenges to observation, and observations in various environments.

Prerequisites: none

Knowledge base on fitness levels of children and youth, assessing physical fitness levels, and developing physical fitness programs in the schools.

Prerequisites: none

Theory, new techniques, and best practices of assessing across the physical education curriculum.

Prerequisites: none

Analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of one's personal experiences related to the teaching of physical education as well as a review of practitioner and research-based articles to enhance one's teaching ability in physical education.

Prerequisites: none