Academic and Behavioral Strategist (GC)


This program will prepare teacher candidates to work as special education teachers for students with mild moderate disabilities and will prepare them for licensure as an Academic and Behavioral Strategist. 

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This program satisfies licensure-to-practice standards for Minnesota and may satisfy standards for other states or US territories.

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The Academic and Behavioral Strategist Graduate Certificate is a variable certificate with 10 to 14 credits.

Core Competency Courses - Choose 10 - 14 Credit(s). Core Competency Courses. This certificate is specifically designed to meet a subset of the MN Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) Licensure Standards. A student admitted to this program must work with an advisor to determine the exact number of credits needed to meet PELSB licensure standards.

This course teaches how to select and apply specific evidence-based reading and writing strategies for students with mild/moderate disabilities. Students will learn basic instructional principles behind validated instructional models and how to use these models in different instructional settings.

Prerequisites: none

This course will provide teacher candidates with instruction in instructional design, instructional delivery, and classroom organization and management they can use to influence student acquisition of mathematics and science skills and concepts.

Prerequisites: none

This is an accompanying course for initial licensure Special Education teacher candidates in the areas of ASD, DCD, EBD, LD, and ECSE.

Prerequisites: none

Field experience in off-campus programs providing services to student with mild/moderate disabilities.. Designed to professionalize the educational experience and ensure license standards competency.

Prerequisites: none