Art (MA)


Art MA emphasizes specialized involvement in the student's chosen studio area – ceramics, drawing, graphic design, installation, painting, photography, printmaking, or sculpture. Most students focus on the research and development of creative work that culminates in a public exhibition or presentation as an alternative to the traditional written thesis (an option). The graduate advisor and committee will assist in establishing the presentation form and appropriate supporting documentation. 

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Master of Arts

Major Credits


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Career Cluster

Arts, Audio/Video, Technology, and Communications



National Association of Schools of Art and Design

Program Requirements

Common Core

Focusing on verbal and written articulation of critiquing skills, the Graduate Review will hold a Portfolio Review critique each semester. Critiques will provide a structured forum with faculty, fellow students, visiting artists, and curators to identify and articulate what they want to express. In each of the four semesters of the MA program, students participate in the Graduate Review course. Learning to express concerns, issues, and motivations, as well as the best strategies to do so, will form the basis of their research and practice. Analytical and evaluative skills develop as students gain experience critiquing and questioning their peers.

Prerequisites: none

Research/Methods Course(s)

Introduction to the modes of research appropriate to art including creative research studies and investigative thesis research.

Prerequisites: none

Restricted Electives

Choose 24 Credit.

Art History - Choose 3 - 6 Credit(s). Choose any 500 level Art History courses

Prerequisites: none

Art Studio - Choose 15 - 18 Credit(s).

Prerequisites: none

Related (non-art) Electives - Choose 2 - 8 Credit(s). Choose any 5/600 level related elective courses

Capstone Course

Required of all candidates of the MA degree, this course is culmination of the previous sequential graduate studio blocks and reviews. Concepts developed will result in a body of work that constitutes the graduate exhibition or presentation. An oral defense of the ideas presented in the exhibition or presentation is required. Documentation will be submitted by the MA candidate and will become part of the Department of Art & Design┬┐s files. The candidate will also create and submit appropriate announcements, posters, and descriptions for public relations.

Prerequisites: none


Application requirements:

  1. a degree from an accredited university
  2. an application essay clearly stating your goals or purpose for graduate study
  3. a personal statement defining your artistic philosophy
  4. an electronic portfolio of 10-20 examples of representative creative work
  5. the names and contact information of two professional references
  6. a resume/CV

International applicants:

  1. minimum TOEFL iBT score of 61 or a minimum IELTS score of 5.5
  2. credential evaluation prepared by a National Association of Credentials Evaluation Service member.