Cross-Disciplinary Studies (MS)


The Cross-Disciplinary Studies MS is a unique degree providing students with a flexibility in creating the direction for their program. The degree requires students to complete two 18-credit graduate certificates in different disciplines plus a one-credit capstone in either discipline for a 37-credit master's degree. The composition of a student's capstone committee is determined by the policy and procedures of the discipline in which the capstone is taken. 

Catalog Year



Master of Science

Major Credits


Total Credits




Career Cluster

Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Requirements

Common Core

Select and complete an 18-credit graduate certificate offered by the university.
Select and complete a second 18-credit graduate certificate offered by the university.

Capstone Course

Complete at least a 1-credit Capstone Course in either of the two 18-credit graduate certificates selected for the degree and offered by the discipline (e.g., Thesis, Alternate Plan Paper, Internship, Portfolio).