Culturally Responsive Teaching (GC)


The graduate certificate provides educators with the opportunity to explore foundational theory and integrate students' cultural backgrounds to inform pedagogical practices while exploring personal, educational, and societal assumptions and biases. 

The program is available to all teachers who wish to broaden their knowledge base, enhance their classroom performance and better serve the needs of all learners. 

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Program Requirements

Common Core

This course introduces learners to foundational theory, research, and pedagogy for culturally responsive, relevant, and sustaining practices. Learners will examine strategies to develop equity-minded approaches that cultivate an inclusive and safe learning environment. Learners will integrate students┬┐ cultural and educational experiences to inform teaching and learning practices.

Prerequisites: none

Learners will develop effective and equitable instruction to improve student achievement through differentiated, critical thinking, cooperative, and problem-based curriculum and instruction. Learners will learn about and apply best practices to meet the needs of diverse student populations through increased student-teacher, student-student and student-community relationships. Learners will explore, recognize, and mitigate personal and cultural biases in instruction practices in order to apply effective and equitable student-centered learning.

Prerequisites: none

This course explores family, community, societal, and cultural influences in educating diverse student populations. Learners will examine theory and a range of strategies to develop equitable school, family, and community partnerships. Learners will identify strategies to collaborate with diverse stakeholders and develop asset-based frameworks to engage collaborative partnerships. Learners will explore and recognize organizational and cultural barriers to collaborative family and community partnerships.

Prerequisites: none