Database Technology (GC)


10 credits

This program provides the basic concepts, skills, and values for pursuing a career in computer and information science, emphasizing design and implementation of sophisticated database systems and related software.

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Career Cluster

Information Technology

Program Requirements

Common Core

Extensive coverage of SQL, database programming, large scale data modeling, and database enhancement through reverse engineering. This course also covers theoretical concepts of query processing, and optimization, basic understanding of concurrency control and recovery, and database security and integrity in centralized/distributed environments. Team-oriented projects in a heterogeneous client server environment.

Prerequisites: none

In-depth study of advanced topics such as object-oriented databases, intelligent database systems, parallel databases, database mining and warehousing, distributed database design and query processing, multi-database integration and interoperability, and multilevel secure systems.

Prerequisites: none

In this course, students will design and implement distributed big data architecture. The architecture consists integration of homogenous and heterogeneous databases and other structured and unstructured data sources. Students will apply concepts of distributed recovery and optimization, and other related topics.

Prerequisites: none