Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure (GC)

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This program satisfies licensure-to-practice standards for Minnesota and may satisfy standards for other states or US territories.

Licensure/Certification Disclosure

Program Requirements

Common Core

* Courses in specific teaching areas may need to be completed to meet state licensure requirements (e.g., Art, English, History, Math, Music, TESOL).

Teacher candidates will develop skills to access information and integrate technology to improve learning for PK-12 students. Teacher candidates research, select, and evaluate information about diverse populations using a wide variety of instructional technology. The level of expected performance is in accordance with graduate level expectations.

Prerequisites: none

Study and application of developing positive relationships in diverse learning communities within social, historical and philosophical perspectives. Based on the premise that building a learning community and developing positive relationships with colleagues and learners is basic to teaching and learning.

Prerequisites: none

This course will allow the teacher candidate to critically reflect on the various cognitive, language, personal and social developmental factors involved in student learning. In addition, the teacher candidate will apply this knowledge into instructional decision-making for teaching in the inclusive classroom. Dispositions and skills of recognizing exceptionality in student learning, including learning disabilities, perceptual difficulties, and special physical or mental challenges, gifts, and talents and accommodating and accessing appropriate services and assistive technology will be developed. The level of expected performance is in accordance with graduate level expectations.

Prerequisites: none

Teacher candidates will further develop processes for creating and sustaining a classroom learning environment that fosters and enables success for all learners. Teacher candidates will develop communities of learners by constructing effective physical environments and interpersonal relationships. Teacher candidates will effectively communicate and interact with diverse families, school colleagues, and representatives from community agencies to support and enhance student engagement and learning. The level of expected performance is in accordance with graduate level.

Prerequisites: none

The course guides K-12 teacher candidates through the design, implementation, and assessment of a standards-based curriculum. Analysis of standards, creation of assessments, design and delivery of instruction are integrated with field-site placements. In order to understand the contextual considerations of instructional design and implementation, the course also examines the changing needs of middle and high school students in the context of best instructional practices and philosophies of successful middle and high schools. The level of expected performance is in accordance with graduate level expectations.

Prerequisites: none

In this course knowledge and skills are applied and assessed directly in a field setting. The course is designed to guide K-12 and 5-12 teacher candidates through the design, implementation, and assessment of a standards-based curriculum from the analysis of standards, creation of assessments, design and delivery of assessments in a field-site.

Prerequisites: none

Special teaching projects of an experimental or creative nature in the students' field of preparation.

Prerequisites: none

This course addresses literacy and differentiated instruction for diverse learners in an inclusive classroom. Students will build on existing knowledge for lesson planning, curriculum and assessment to address learner differences.

Prerequisites: none

This face-to-face and online seminar spans four semesters of the GTL program and will address professionalism and the overall teaching experience. Students register for this course during student teaching but will participate via D2L during semesters 1-3.

Prerequisites: none


The Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure graduate certificate (GC) prepares students to obtain either a 5-12 or a K-12 Minnesota teaching license in one of the specialized content area teaching programs offered through the College of Education. This graduate certificate program is designed for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and are now seeking a MN teacher license.

Admissions Standards

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for fall start. Applications are reviewed as they are completed and until the cohort is full. Applications received before June 1 will be prioritized.  To complete the online application, you will need to submit the following:

  • Personal Statement – 6 writing prompts
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • One essay response
  • Resume or vita
  • Transcripts for institutions that you’ve attended

Bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Students with an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above will be most competitive for admission to the program. 

Progression Standards

Students will work collaboratively with advisors to develop an individual program of study that includes meeting MN licensure requirements for both teaching and learning courses and content area courses in the relevant departments. Field experience and student teaching in K-12 schools are required components of this program (we have a job-embedded option for students who are currently teaching while seeking licensure). To be classified as full time, students need to complete 6 credits/2 classes each semester fall and spring.

Students must make adequate yearly progress toward degree completion and must know the MSU, Mankato, Graduate College Policy and Course Requirements and adhere to time limits for program completion. Students are strongly encouraged to complete in two to three years and inform their advisor if they are unable to enroll in classes during a given academic year. 

Completion/ Graduation Standards

To obtain this 28-credit GC, teacher candidates must complete all education coursework, that covers the pedagogical standards for initial MN licensure, and field experiences. Coursework covering content standards required for MN licensure may be covered through undergraduate content courses approved by a content advisor.

Students may choose this program at the start of their teaching journey or may select the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) if they are interested in completing a masters program.