Racially Conscious School and Systems Leadership (GC)


The Racially Conscious School and Systems Leadership graduate certificate provides educators with the racially conscious knowledge, dispositions, and skills necessary for effective leadership for all students in our education system. 

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Equity and Education serves as a fundamental course of study in preparation of educational leaders. Students engage in discourse and examination of issues related to racial equity, achievement, teaching and leadership gaps. Through the lens of race, students will explore, read, discuss, write about and observe content that describes local and national educational issues. Students will study the work of leading authors who introduce protocols and practices for holding conversations about race. Students will apply and transfer knowledge about racial equity to educational settings.

Prerequisites: none

This course is designed for students preparing for school leadership positions.It provides the conceptual framework for brain-based learning, neuroscience and culturally responsive classroom teaching. The goal is to develop racially conscious leaders who will, in turn, develop culturally responsive teachers.

Prerequisites: none

This course examines past and current research theory and philosophy relative to leadership development in both formal and informal educational settings.

Prerequisites: none