Standards of Effective Practice for Teachers (GC)


The certificate is for individuals seeking an initial license in special education. Students work with an advisor to be enrolled in this certificate program. 

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The SPED: Standards of Effective Practice Graduate Certificate is a variable certificate with 12 to 16 credits. Up to 16 credits may be required to meet the licensure requirements for the State of MN.

Licensure Requirement - Choose 12 - 16 Credit(s). Core Competency Courses. Students admitted to this program, who are seeking a MN teaching license, must work with an advisor to determine the courses needed to meet the MN BOT licensure standards.

This course is designed to introduce students to theories of learning and human development as they relate to regular and diverse learning populations. Students will acquire an understanding of the many factors that affect learning and human development and strategies that can be used to enhance learning for all learning populations.

Prerequisites: none

This course is designed to describe and demonstrate strategies that teachers can use to differentiate the curriculum to meet the special learning needs of students in an inclusive classroom setting. This course will also examine the latest knowledge related to intelligence, creativity, holistic education, and classroom differentiation.

Prerequisites: none

This course will introduce students to methods and strategies for personal and professional growth and development. Students will engage in reflective inquiry, identify professional dispositions, and describe environment effects on learning and human development.

Prerequisites: none

This course will introduce teacher candidates to different aspects of being a Special Educator, including writing Individualized Education Program plans, working collaboratively, addressing strategies for working with paraprofessionals, including co-teaching and using technology in the classroom to assist student learning.

Prerequisites: none