Urban Planning (GC)


The program which provides the basic concepts, skills, and values for pursuing a career in local government planning. Designed to meet the basic standards of professional competency specified by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Appropriate for students who wish to develop a local government planning focus within a graduate degree program, or for students who have already earned their degrees and wish to prepare for a career shift. 

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Career Cluster

Government and Public Administration

Program Requirements

Common Core

Survey of the history, concepts, values, and ethics of public-sector planning. Emphasis on practical and comprehensive approach to developing and implementing plans.

Prerequisites: none

This course covers the role of law and its influence on the planning profession. Specifically, the course addresses the legal standards by which land use is regulated and controlled in the United States.

Prerequisites: none

Comprehensive planning process in urban areas, including basic studies, capital improvement programming, and exercises.

Prerequisites: none

Current planning, including zoning, subdivision regulations, annexations, and special projects.

Prerequisites: none