Communication and Media Minor


The Communication and Media minor prepares engaged, knowledgeable citizens. The study of communication and media fosters the public good by encouraging socially responsible practices. 

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Total Credits




Career Cluster

Arts, Audio/Video, Technology, and Communications

Program Requirements


A course blending theory and practice to help individuals build effective relationships through improved communication.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-02

Nature, functions, responsibilities and effects of the media in contemporary society.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-09

Diverse Cultures: Purple

The course explores communication with people from other cultures, why misunderstandings occur and how to build clearer and more productive cross-cultural relationships.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-07, GE-08

Diverse Cultures: Purple


Choose 8 Credit(s). Choose upper-division courses in consultation with your advisor.

Prerequisites: none


Double-Counting Credits: Students may not double-count courses between majors or minors in the department of Communication and Media.

COMM 110 and COMM 221W may be taken concurrently with department permission.

COMM 498 and COMM 499 Limits: Students may apply no more than 4 credits of COMM 498 and 4 credits of COMM 499 to fulfillment of a minor.

Internship Requirements (COMM 497, COMM 498): In compliance with federal policy, standard expectations are 45 hours of on-site internship experience for each credit hour earned.