Consumer Studies Minor


Consumer Studies examines decision making of everything from credit to debt to insurance to saving and investments to estate planning to daily consumer choice and more. This area also helps students understand consumers in the marketplace, with an emphasis on discussing consumer well-being and consumer issues related to families and communities. 

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Career Cluster

Human Services

Program Requirements


An overview of the scope of family consumer sciences and the career potentials of the profession.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-02

Economic decision making related to achieving maximum satisfaction from resources spent in the marketplace on housing, food, clothing, transportation, and other dimensions of the family. Basic information about the functions and responsibilities of the consumer, laws and agencies affecting consumer well-being and sources of help.

Prerequisites: none

Diverse Cultures: Purple

Emphasizes the analyses and assessment of the effectiveness of consumer protection efforts. Emphasis will be placed on government laws, regulations, and agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

Prerequisites: none

The system approach to analyzing family situations to make decisions and correlate resources in the resolution of family managerial problems. Emphasis on the application of managerial skills to lifestyle situations: young-families, older adults, special needs, singles, and low income.

Prerequisites: none

Introduce students to the how's and why's of family financial management to reduce mistakes made in successfully managing financial aspects of life. For non-business majors.

Prerequisites: none


Choose 3 Credit(s).

Topics announced as offered. May be repeated.

Prerequisites: none

A scheduled work assignment with supervision in private business, industry and government agency appropriate to each area of concentration.

Prerequisites: Consent

Arranged with the instructor.

Prerequisites: none