English Literature Minor


The English Literature minor provides students with a foundation in British, American, and global literatures and aims to teach critical thinking, cultural competency, and advanced written communication. 

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Languages and Literature

Program Requirements


An introduction to literary genres and to the techniques of writing about literature.

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Restricted Electives

Choose 8 credits. Must include courses from 2 of the following 3 areas: British literature, American literature, World literature.

Topics in British literature covering various periods, literary movements, and themes. The course will study works of fiction, poetry, and drama, and their historical and cultural contexts. Potential topics include Victorian Literature & Art, Gothic Literature, British Colonial & Post-Colonial Literature, Performing Identity in Early Drama, Monsters and Magic, and others. This course may be repeated with change of topic.

Prerequisites: none

This topics course examines some of the major developments in US literature. In reading a variety of canonical and noncanonical works, students will develop a greater understanding of US literature within specific sociocultural transformations and attendant literary movements. The course may be taught thematically, with possible topics including postcolonialism, environmental studies, immigration, and popular culture. May be repeated with change of topic.

Prerequisites: none

Topics on themes, issues, and developments in genres of the literatures of the world. Content changes. May be repeated.

Prerequisites: none

Diverse Cultures: Purple

A study of selected novels from a variety of time periods and cultures, including Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Prerequisites: none

Unrestricted Electives

Choose 8 credits of literature coursework at the 300- and 400-level. Courses may not double count from other English department majors or minors.


Grade Policy. Students must earn a "C-" or better for a course to apply to their minor.

P/N Grading Policy. Courses leading to a minor in English may not be taken on a P/N basis, except where P/N is mandatory.

English Major and Minors. Students minoring in English may elect one of the following minors: Film Studies, Linguistics, and Technical Communication. However, a course used to meet the requirements of an English major, minor, or certificate cannot also be used to meet the requirements of another English major, minor, or certificate. Consequently, because Technical Communication shares required courses, students may elect only one of them: BA English Studies Technical Communication Emphasis, BS English Technical Communication Option, the certificate in Technical Communication, or the Technical Communication minor.

Residency Requirements. Students pursuing a major and/or minor in the Department of English must complete at least 50% (half) of the required credits for the major and/or minor at Minnesota State Mankato.

Limits to Independent Work. Students pursuing a major or minor in the Department of English may earn no more than 33% (one-third) of the required credits through supervised independent work such as independent studies or internships, not including capstone experiences.