Esport Management Minor


Students obtain real-world experience in the business side of the esport industry. The curriculum includes classes in esport governance, game design, skill development, esport event management, and culminates in an applied esport management experience. 

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Business, Management, and Administration

Program Requirements


Provides an introduction to storytelling and design in games through their analysis and application. Students will design their own basic game as part of the class.

Prerequisites: none

This course will provide an overview of the academic and professional sport management industry. Students will be introduced to the vast array of fields within the sport management industry, different job opportunities that are available, and foundational theoretical concepts. Basic professional career paths, tasks, duties, knowledge, skill sets, and challenges specific to the industry will be examined with a focus on practical examples.

Prerequisites: none

This course introduces students to governing bodies and regulatory structures of esport organizations. Students explore the structure and function of esports governing bodies, such as: BEA, ESL, IESF, NACE, and NEA. Students also explore the concept of a player bill of rights, various rule sets, and conference structures for various esport leagues. The class will cover the various organizational goals and administrative functions of the esport ecosystem¿s various governing bodies and learn about the history of how these bodies developed. Requires admission to the Esport Management Minor program.

Prerequisites: none

Techniques/principles of planning, funding and manging sport events. Collegiate championships, non-profit events, benefits, professional events.

Prerequisites: none

This course addresses esports collaboration and exposes active contribution into competitive esports play. Esports is studied in relation to commitment to improve, self-confidence, mental practice, focus, social development, collaboration, goal setting and strategic thinking. Students will be introduced to mechanics, metadata, structure, and strategies needed to win and put those skills together to build the team and practice in the game.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-11

Capstone - Choose 3 Credit(s).

This course is designed to provide a rigorous and comprehensive hands-on learning experience tailored for students minoring in Esport Management. It integrates theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired throughout the Esport Management program. This more closely supervised applied experience requires a rigorous time and energy commitment from students.

Prerequisites: none