Experimental Psychology (CERT)


The purpose of this certificate is to provide undergraduate students with hands-on research experience in psychology. Psychology majors who are considering graduate school are highly recommended to complete this certificate. 

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People and Cultures

Program Requirements

Major Common Core

This course is designed to provide a thorough introduction to the broad spectrum of theories and applications that make up the field of psychology

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-05

This course emphasizes understanding the conceptual basis of common statistical procedures and applying those procedures to the problems of organizing information and making inferences from data. Topics include: summarizing data, the logic of inference, estimation, analysis of variance, and correlation.

Prerequisites: Complete one course: MATH 112, MATH 113, MATH 115, MATH 121, MATH 130, or STAT 154

An introduction to the major components of research methodology in psychology. This is a writing intensive course and involves the processing, interpretation, and exposition of behavioral data.

Prerequisites: Must have a minimum total cumulative GPA of 2.70 or instructor permission to enroll; PSYC 201

Individualized research experience with a faculty mentor in the psychology department. You will gain specific research experience as designed by a faculty mentor. To register for this course, you must first apply and be accepted to join a psychology faculty members' research team.

Prerequisites: PYSC 211W

Major Restricted Electives

Choose 7 - 8 Credit(s).

An overview of development, use, and validation of psychological tests. Topics include reliability and validity, test construction, item analysis, ethics, test administration and scoring, and computerized testing.

Prerequisites: PSYC 211W

The goal of neuroscience is to understand the human mind. This goal is approached by revealing the brain processes involved in how we perceive, think, remember, and move. Brain development, communication, and plasticity at the neural level are all described.

Prerequisites: PSYC 211W, PSYC321

This course provides students with an overview of the fundamental principles and current research on selected topics in biological psychology through critical evaluation and discussion.

Prerequisites: PSYC 211W, PSYC 321

An in-depth examination of social psychological research in laboratory and field settings.

Prerequisites: PSYC 211W, PSYC 340 or PSYC 358

Advanced Cognitive Psychology introduces students to key research papers in the field of human cognition. Through reading, writing, and the study of experimental design, students will advance their understanding of cognitive psychology and develop their ability to critically review and evaluate research.

Prerequisites: PSYC 211W, PSYC 325