Financial Planning Minor

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Program Requirements


Fundamental concepts of personal financial management: insurance, budgeting, credit, savings, investments, retirement and estate planning, and consumer debt management.

Prerequisites: ACT 330, FINA 458, FINA 460, FINA 470. Select FINA 100 or FINA 362.

Examination of personal insurance exposures and policies including auto, health, home and life.

Prerequisites: none


Choose 3 Credit(s).

Fundamental concepts of managing cash flows: preparation of personal budget, personal debt management, financial goal establishment, savings and investments, insurance.

Prerequisites: none

An introduction to finance relating to problems, methods, and policies in financing business enterprise.

Prerequisites: ACCT 200

Choose 9 Credit(s).

The course examines the principles and procedures relating to the determination and computation of federal income taxes for an individual. Federal estate tax, gift tax, and income taxation of estates and trusts are also examined.

Prerequisites: ACCT 200, ACCT 210

Principles and techniques for estate planning. Examination of various retirement plans available, and the legal and tax environment impacting an estate's portfolio.

Prerequisites: FINA 100 or FINA 362

Formulation of investment policy of individuals and institutions, factors influencing the values of securities, and techniques of portfolio selection and management.

Prerequisites: FINA 362

Tools and techniques to aid in individual and institutional portfolio management.

Prerequisites: FINA 362 and FINA 460

Introduction to money and capital markets, instruments and institutions. Consideration of the management problems of financial institutions.

Prerequisites: FINA 362

Fundamental concepts of employee benefits in relation to pertinent legislation, modern management techniques, and financial constraints that affect the formulation and implementaion of a benefit plan.

Prerequisites: FINA 100 or FINA 362

Supervised experience in business, industry, state or federal institutions.

Prerequisites: Permission Required


Prerequisites: Permission Required

The course is designed to provide basic human motivation theories, and develop persuasive communications strategies and applications necessary in the field of professional selling. The course takes a hands-on approach to professional selling techniques with the use of sales presentations, sales manuals, and exams.

Prerequisites: MRKT 210



  1. Students must be admitted to a major at Minnesota State Mankato, and
  2. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher when starting the Financial Planning minor.

Graduation Requirements

Students pursuing the Financial Planning minor must earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 ("C") on the total courses required for the minor to meet graduation requirements.