Food and Nutrition Minor


Food and Nutrition introduces students to major concepts in food, nutrition, food systems and policies. The minor is helpful minor for students in health, fitness, food or agriculture-related majors. 

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Human Services

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Introduces students to basic food science, food preparation and culinary techniques. The course is taught from the lens of different global cultures and the roles of individuals and nations in a global context using food habits as a model. Foods from around the world are prepared by students to develop culinary skills.

Prerequisites: none

The science of six nutrient classes, including digestion through metabolism and excretion, sources, functions, deficiencies and excess symptoms. The course covers the foundational knowledge and application of nutrition knowledge to clinical care, including weight control and common chronic conditions requiring nutrition therapy.

Prerequisites: Select One Course: CHEM 106 or CHEM 111

This class will explore the complex modern food system from a systems lens, including the development, establishment, and execution of policies regarding the production and availability of food and food/nutrition practices as well as the environmental impact of those practices. Policies that are explicit (set by law) and implicit (not the result of legislation) and the programs that derive from them will be explored. Agricultural systems and policies at the personal, local, national and global level will be considered.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-10

This class is an advanced course in human metabolism, emphasizing the function and interaction of nutrients in metabolic and physiological processes.

Prerequisites: CHEM 111, FCS 242

This class explores nutrition needs across the lifecycle from preconception through pregnancy and lactation and from infancy to end of life. Utilizing a case-study and experiential learning approach, the course will cover nutrient requirements, nutritional risk and health over the lifespan.

Prerequisites: FCS 242

Restricted Electives

Choose 3 Credit(s).

Prerequisites: none

Provides in-depth exploration of the dietary needs of physically active individuals across the lifespan. Its laboratory component will focus on performance and interpretation of assessments commonly used to determine dietary and physiological status.

Prerequisites: HP 314