Graphic Design (CERT)


The certificate in graphic design provides a beginning- to intermediate-level experience in the theory and methods of print-based and screen-based forms of visual communication. 

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Career Cluster

Arts, Audio/Video, Technology, and Communications

Program Requirements

Major Common Core

This graphic design course is an introduction to digital media technology as a creative tool for the development of visual expression. The course is taught using the Mac OS and explores vector and bitmap image making.

Prerequisites: none

This course explores the basic principles of graphic design. Emphasis is placed on developing an awareness and effective use of type, image, and symbol. Students focus on the design process as a way to develop and refine design solutions.

Prerequisites: ART 202

Introduction to product design as it relates to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design from a visual communication design perspective. Applicable visual prototypes will encompass various situations that may range from icon wayfinding systems to mobile app designs. The course will explore issues of differing philosophical perspectives of technology as a tool, a medium, and/or an environment.

Prerequisites: ART 202

This course investigates the use of letterforms in the message making process. Topics include historical overview of letter development, type terminology, type and image relationships, and technical and aesthetic applications of type.

Prerequisites: ART 202

Major Restricted Electives

Choose 6 Credit(s).

This course expands upon the beginning and intermediate design experience. Emphasis is placed on concept development and the exploration of meaningful solutions applied across a variety of media. The technical skills of preparing work for production will be strengthened.

Prerequisites: ART 220, ART 302, ART 304

This course strengthens students' conceptual skills within the context of graphic design. The course emphasizes various techniques for generating imagery to more effectively communicate ideas.

Prerequisites: ART 220, ART 302, ART 304

This course is an advanced study of motion design. The study and exploration of digital narrative and non-linear storytelling are key components. Students build on existing motion design skills to create conceptually and technically advanced time-based solutions. This course is repeatable.

Prerequisites: ARTR 392

This course is an advanced study of typography. Students build on existing type sensibilities while exploring traditional and non-traditional applications of type.

Prerequisites: ART 220, ART 302, ART 304

Concentrated study of front-end web design standards as it pertains to typography, graphics, creativity, and strategic planning. Students will prototype interactive media through the utilization of visual design systems and UI/UX methodologies.

Prerequisites: ART 220, ART 302, ART 304