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Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: 507-389-5191

Honors students are committed to developing in several competency areas such as leadership, research, and intercultural engagement. The program challenges students to move outside their comfort zones and to think critically about the world and their personal contributions to the communities in which they live. The program provides class experiences designed to support competency development. Students demonstrate their emerging competencies through electronic portfolios in which they document their abilities and engage in meaningful reflection about their learning.

Admission: No predetermined test score or class rank guarantees or precludes admission, however students must have 4 full semesters remaining at the university to be considered eligible. The selection committee considers the applicant's demonstrated understanding of the unique nature of the program, commitment to academic goals, and ability to authentically reflect on one's learning.

GPA Policy. Students must maintain a minimum overall 3.3 GPA to remain in good standing in the program.

Transfer Policy. Transfer students should contact the Honors Program Director when they submit the application for admission to discuss how their previous courses and learning experiences align with the honors competency model.

Honors Program Graduate: Students are required to complete HONR 201; HONR 375, HONR 475 and engage in at least 8 pre-approved competency development experiences which they document through developed reflections in an electronic portfolio. Students must also pass an oral defense of their portfolios.

Honors with World Language Distinction. To achieve this distinction honors students must complete three language courses beyond the level of language study they had prior to beginning at the university and document this learning in their honors portfolio. Honors students majoring in a language will determine the requirements necessary for this distinction in consultation with the Honors Director and the student's faculty advisor.