International Business Minor


The International Business minor is for business and non-business majors who want to meet the challenges of a global economy. 

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Career Cluster

Business, Management, and Administration

Program Requirements


International dimensions of business: global business environment (economic, cultural, legal, political) and international business functions (management, marketing, finance, exporting, importing).

Prerequisites: none

This course provides a basic understanding of marketing concepts with emphasis on the pricing, promotion, and distribution of need satisfying products and services in domestic and international markets. The format of the course consists of lectures, case discussions, application exercises, projects, exams, and in-class group assignments.

Prerequisites: none


Choose 12 Credit(s).

Topics on current developments in international business, technology, and legislation.

Prerequisites: IBUS 380

Managerial approach to marketing decision making in multicultural market situations.

Prerequisites: MRKT 210

This course examines cross-cultural differences in business practices. Among the topics covered are the differences in management styles, multiculturalism, international negotiations, as well as international human resource issues, social responsibility and ethics in a global context, international labor relations, cultural synergy and multicultural teams.

Prerequisites: none

International finance functions in a corporation include currency issues, investment, financial markets interacting, raising debt and equity, and export financing.

Prerequisites: IBUS 380

Provides knowledge and documentary skills in managing and implementing the export operations of firms engaged in international trade.

Prerequisites: IBUS 380

A capstone course for students majoring in international business designed to analyze and integrate the various international business management decisions.

Prerequisites: IBUS 428, IBUS 448, IBUS 469 (select 2 out of the 3 courses)

Study tours are led by Minnesota State University, Mankato faculty and provide students with opportunities to visit companies and attend lectures by renowned experts from key sectors of economy, government, and business.

Prerequisites: none



  1. Students must be admitted to a major at Minnesota State Mankato, and
  2. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher when starting the minor.

Graduation Requirements

Students pursuing the minor must earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 ("C") on the total courses required for the minor to meet graduation requirements.

 Transfer students pursuing a minor in the College of Business must complete at least 50% (one-half) of their minor coursework at Minnesota State Mankato.