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K-12 Teaching Programs

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The following programs prepare students for initial licensure as professional educators in K-12, middle (5-12), and high school (9-12) classrooms. Programs focus on gaining the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to teach effectively in diverse educational settings.

  • Art Education (K-12)
  • Business Education (5-12; Partnership with Winona State)
  • Chemistry Teaching* (9-12)
  • Earth Science Teaching* (5-12)
  • English Education (Communication Arts & Literature Education 5-12)
  • Family Consumer Science Education (5-12)
  • French Education (K-12)
  • German Education (K-12)
  • Health and Physical Education (K-12)
  • Life Science Teaching* (5-12)
  • Mathematics Teaching (5-12)
  • Music Education: Instrumental/General Music (K-12)
  • Music Education: Vocal/General Music (K-12)
  • Physical Education (Developmental Adapted Physical Education; K-12)
  • Physics Teaching* (5-12)
  • Social Studies Teaching (5-12; Emphasis: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology)
  • Spanish Teaching (K-12)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (K-12)

* The State of Minnesota grants science teacher licensure for grades 5-8 general science, 9-12 Chemistry, Earth Science, Life Science and Physics. Students earning a degree in Earth Science Teaching, Life Science Teaching, or Physics Teaching from Minnesota State, Mankato will qualify for two licenses (1) 5-8 general science and (2) 9-12 specialty. Students earning a degree in Chemistry Teaching will qualify only for the 9-12 Chemistry license.


Admission occurs during a student's sophomore or junior year and is in addition to their admission into their major. Admission into professional education is a selective process. A student must continually meet progression standards to remain in the program.

Admission into Professional Education

  • A minimum of 32 earned semester credit hours
  • A minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA
  • Completion of Basic Skills exam
  • Enrollment or completion of KSP 220W and KSP 222
  • "C" grade in ENG 101
  • "C" grade in General Education Math
  • Completion of National Criminal Background Check
  • Proof of liability insurance

Progression Standards: Students must meet progression standards to remain in the program.

  • Coursework in professional education requires a grade of "C" or better.
  • A cumulative career GPA of 2.75 is required.
  • Field experiences & required background checks.
  • Courses must be taken for a grade except when P/N is the only option.
  • Admission to the student teaching experience is contingent upon completion of courses, admission to Professional Education, and other approvals

Note: Requirements for teaching majors may change as new rules for licensure are adopted by the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB).


Required for General Education

  • HLTH 240 Drug Education (3)

Required Professional Education (30 credits)


  • KSP 220W Human Relations in a Multicultural Society (3)
  • KSP 222 Introduction to the Learner and Learning (2)
  • KSP 202 Technology Integration in the Classroom (1) - Floating course (can be taken with Level 1 or 2)
  • Note: a 30-hour field experience in the K-12 environment is required.


  • KSP 330 Planning and Instruction in the Classroom (3)
  • KSP 334 Assessment and Evaluation (3)
  • Note: a 30-hour field experience in the K-12 environment is required.


  • KSP 440 Creating Learning Environments to Engage Children, Families and Communities (3)
  • KSP 442 Reading, Literacy, and Differentiated Instruction in the Inclusive Classroom (3)
  • Note: a 40-hour field experience in the K-12 environment is required.

LEVEL 4 Student Teaching

  • KSP 464 Professional Seminar (1)
  • For 5-12 majors - KSP 477 5-12 Student Teaching (11)
  • For K-12 majors - KSP 476 K-12 Student Teaching (11)
  • Note: Double licensure majors also enroll in KSP 482 (6)