Manufacturing Engineering Minor


Manufacturing involves plans, materials, personnel, and equipment which are transformed in some way that adds value. Students acquire leadership and managerial skills necessary to enter careers in process and systems design, manufacturing operations, maintenance, technical sales or service functions. The curriculum concentrates on the study of individual subsystems and their overall optimization of cost, quality, speed, and flexibility goals for the success of a manufacturing enterprise. 

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Career Cluster

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Program Requirements


This course is designed to provide students new to the major an opportunity to explore issues relevant to the university, department, and career field. The goal is to provide an open forum for discussion about transitioning to college life, and to promote greater self-awareness, growth, and understanding as a scholar, individual, and global citizen. Over the course of the semester, the student will investigate college and department experiences holistically, which will allow them the ability to make informed decisions paving the way for a richer, fuller college career.

Prerequisites: none

The course covers a process of developing and analyzing solid parametric models for mechanical applications. Course includes solving technical design problems based on real-world applications as well as creating technical documentation: working and assembly drawings.

Prerequisites: none

Fundamentals of machine technology. Basics of welding and machining are discussed. Students learn to perform machining on a lathe, mill, and drill press along with MIG welding. Extra lab time is required.

Prerequisites: MFE 142. Select One Course: CHEM 191, CHEM 201

Restricted Electives

Choose 8 additional credits of MFE courses


GPA Policy. A GPA of 2.5 or higher in the required and elective courses for the minor in Manufacturing Engineering is required.

Department Grade Policy. All courses required for the MFE minor (Core and Electives) must be completed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better.

Residency.  A minimum of 75 percent of the credits for a minor in Manufacturing Engineering must be taken from the AMFE department.

Prerequisites and co-requisites must be observed unless written permission is obtained from the instructor and the Department of AMFE.