Renewable Energy (CERT)


Renewable Energy certificate includes targeted courses in power systems, instrumentation and fluid power intended to supplement the contents of a technical Associate of Science (AS) degree or Technician program in Wind Turbine Technology or AS/BS degree in Renewable Energy. The certificate includes three courses for a total of nine credits.

The certificate may not be eligible for federal financial aid. Speak with the Campus Hub for details. 

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Program Requirements

Major Common Core

Course provides a fundamental understanding of the physical principles of fluid power, along with a practical working knowledge of the components utilized in designing, installing, operating, and maintaining hydraulic and pneumatic power systems.

Prerequisites: MATH 121, PHYS 211

Instrumentation system design and integration with sensors, actuators and other electronic indicator components. Programming in a block diagram environment and with embedded C to interface different hardware components.

Prerequisites: EE 234 and EE 235 OR EET 254

Electrical power and magnetic circuit concepts, transformers, generators and motors (DC, synchronous, induction), special purpose motors, power-electronic motor drivers, prime movers/alternatives, generation, transmission/distribution, system stability/protection.

Prerequisites: EET 114, MATH 127, PHYS 212