Software Development (CERT)


The software development certificate provides the students with an understanding of the successful delivery of software projects that support organizational goals. Students gain knowledge in the use of tools necessary to organize project objectives, create realistic plans, and build and manage an accomplished team through every phase of the software development project. Students gain practical skills needed to meet today’s demands for faster and more efficient development.

The certificate may not be eligible for federal financial aid. Speak with the Campus Hub for details. 

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Career Cluster

Information Technology

Program Requirements

Prerequisites to the Major

Students must have fundamental knowledge of or experience in systems analysis and design (equivalent of CIS 380). Students planning to take CIS 414 must also have basic knowledge of or experience in data structures/algorithms and databases (equivalent of CIS 223 and CIS 340). Students planning to take CIS 483 must have basic knowledge of or experience in databases (equivalent of CIS 340).

Major Restricted Electives

Choose 12 Credit(s).

This course provides the student with a solid understanding of the principles, techniques and design patterns involved in advanced object-oriented programming. Successful students should have a distinct advantage in the marketplace.Variable

Prerequisites: CIS 223, CIS 380

Topics include software quality assurance, software quality metrics, software configuration management, software verification and validation, reviews, inspections, and software process improvement models, functional and structural testing models.

Prerequisites: CIS 223, CIS 380

This course discusses concepts and techniques for design, development and evaluation of user interfaces. Students will learn the principles of interaction design, interaction styles, user-centered design, usability evaluation, input/output devices, design and analysis of controlled experiments and principles of perception and cognition used in building efficient and effective interfaces. Group project work.

Prerequisites: MATH 121. Select one: STAT 154 or PSYC 201. Select one: CS 230 or CIS 380

HTTP Protocol; Web-markup languages; Client-side, Server-side programming; Web services; Web servers; Emerging technologies; Security; Standards & Bodies; Web interface design techniques; User-centered design; Visual development environments and development tools; Interface design effectiveness. Fall, Spring

Prerequisites: CIS 380

An introduction to all important aspects of software engineering. The emphasis is on principles of software engineering including project planning, requirements gathering, size and cost estimation, analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation, and maintenance. Group project work.

Prerequisites: CIS 223, CIS 380