Aaron Hoy, Director of Aging Studies, Department of Sociology and Corrections

Assistant Professor of Sociology | Faculty

Address: Armstrong Hall 113D
Phone: 507-389-1038
Email: aaron.hoy@mnsu.edu


  • Lancaster, Ohio

Schools Attended

  • Ohio University-Lancaster
  • Ohio University-Athens
  • Illinois State University
  • Syracuse University 

Things we can talk about

Pretty much anything! Finding your passion, choosing a major, careers, applying for scholarships and other opportunities, applying to graduate school, fears or frustrations about college, etc.

I am available for

Again, pretty much anything!

  • Phone calls
  • Email
  • Office meetings
  • Zoom meetings
  • Coffee

Feel free to reach out, and we can set something up.

Why do I want to be a Maverick Firsts Advocate

I was a first-generation college student myself, and although I enjoyed college and did well academically, I can also see in retrospect that I missed out on some opportunities that I either didn’t know about or didn’t know how to pursue. I want to be an Advocate so I can help other first-generation students see and pursue the opportunities that make sense for them. As a professor, I’ve also found that many first-generation students have strengths that they don’t quite see, and I would like to help students see and leverage their strengths while they’re in college and beyond.

Things I’m connected with that might be of interest to you

I’m a mentor for the Research Apprenticeship Program through the Undergraduate Research Center, and it’s an excellent program for anyone who has an interest in doing research. I’m happy to talk about the Program, or research more generally (e.g., research careers, opportunities), with anyone who is interested.

When I was in graduate school, some fellow first-generation graduate students and I wrote a book chapter about our experiences adjusting to and navigating graduate school. It may be of interest if you are thinking about going to graduate school.

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